X-Lab International Pte. Ltd.

X-Lab International Pte. Ltd. Bio-Technology

Sports Nutrition Formulation

Our unsurpassed breakthrough in 100 percent bio-availability enhances nutrition absorption to unprecedented levels. Our expertise in our technology can be applied to new innovative formulations to aid in performance and health enhancement. Most of the ingested quantities are not absorbed by the body and will never reach the blood stream. For example CoQ10, Vitamin A, D. E & K, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Proteins, Omega 3 as well as Collagen have published and proven positive properties and they are undisputed. However, all available products pack a substandard quantity in their formulation. The new X-Lab International Pte. Ltd. Bio-Technology achieves much higher controlled concentration levels and the product works.

  • Less Intake and Maximum Effects
  • Balanced Nutrition Delivery
  • Stability of Nutrients and Vitamins
  • Unlimited Formulation Possibilities
  • Chemical and unwanted Substance Free Product Development

Food & Beverage Fortification Programs

With our Bio-Technology system applied we are able to elevate the quality and bio-availability of ingredients of  health drinks, energy drinks, food ingredients. The economics of food fortification plays an important role in its implementation in public policy. Cost effectiveness has helped to give fortification high priority as a preventive health-care intervention. High benefit cost ratios have likewise put fortification in the forefront in public policy regarding social sector investments.

  • Up to 100% bio-availability of Nutrients and Vitamins
  • Prevention of Vitamin Deficiencies 
  • Up 90% reduction of Raw Material usage - Cost Savings
  • Stable Formulations and Maximize Long Term Stability
  • Solubility of Vitamins A, D, E & K in Water and other Liquids
  • Formulation of several components into one Solution without additional Equipment requirements

Drug Delivery Systems

X-Lab's Bio-Technology offers new delivery systems to conventional drug therapies, revolutionizing the way illnesses and diseases can be treated without the use of harmful toxins to the body or any side-effects.

  • Superior optimization of Biological Activity
  • Alternative Delivery Route Applications
  • Lipophilic Nano Particle Drug Development, hence Alzheimer and Parkinson Treatment Solutions.
  • Trans-dermal Applications
  • R&D and Compound Cost Reduction
  • Maximize Long Term Drug Stability
  • Extended Patent Life of Active Ingredient

Cosmetic Formulations

Many active ingredients in cosmetic products are not soluble or the concentrations achievable are very low and not really efficient. Our Bio-Technology can achieve much higher concentrations than so far possible. This will lead to cosmetic products that have far better properties in "Trans-dermal Applications" e.g. anti-aging and whitening products etc. With enhanced delivery and absorption levels, novel and revolutionary new beauty products can be developed and existing formulas vastly improved. 

Given the size of the market and the vast difference in achievable concentrations, the financial benefits are clear.

Key point is - "Leashed in the unchanged "Natural" ingredients without chemicals and prohibited substances".

  • Remain "Prime Level" in Beauty Segment
  • Shelve-Life Extension
  • More Productions & Increase Revenues
  • Overtake & Reducing Toxic & Chemicals Materials
  • Control Natural State & Freshness
  • Fast Absorption Results - Trans-dermal Applications

Oral Insulin Development


Diabetes poses a large economic burden on the individual, national health care systems and countries. Healthcare expenditures due to diabetes account for 12% of the total healthcare expenditures in the world. X-Lab International Pte. Ltd. has developed oral insulin based on the nano delivery system and achieved revolutionary results in recent tests. The previous attempts of oral insulin had never been consummated, largely because systems that protect insulin from enzymatic degradation and technologies that enable the transport of large molecules across the gastrointestinal epithelial lining and increase their absorption were nonexistent. X-Lab International's oral insulin has advanced bio-availability and lower cost of insulin and has shown that the oral insulin is delivered save, well tolerated and consistently leads to a desired reduction in glucose and C-peptide.

  • Say no more to painful injections
  • 100% rapidly absorbed to the body systems   
  • Low cost into productions with more supplies
  • More benefits to patients and government sectors e.g. Hospitals, Clinics & Pharmaceuticals
  • Maximize best control in material used before
  • Reduce low income-patients woes and beneficial to governments' supports under financial schemes

Flavor & Fragrance

Flavor & Fragrance blends (F&F) both sectors are in high demand into production of processed food and drinks, air fresher or air care industry and households & personal care e.g. toiletries and cleaning products in the whole global growth market in-line. We are using the best technology to solubiilze any extracts to cater to any of the industries related.

  • Overtake Artificial Coloring, Additives & Preservatives
  • Significant Shelve-Life Extension
  • More Versatile Productions and Formulations
  • 100% Bio-Availability
  • Preserve 100% Natural Taste & Scent
 The application of our technology is limitless and offers infinite possibilities for every industry. Beyond the X-Lab System 100 solutions, our belief in a partnership approach also means that each partner who collaborates with us is given our fullest support and commitment to develop specific
contract formulations, create new formulations or enhance existing formulations and products.