Breaking the Barriers 

Welcome to X-Lab

Our company network and establishment was way before in the early 2000 and just recent years, over a decade, we have changed to get involve internationally in 2013. With the high volume of connections in the scientific studies, we are glad that all these years we have contributed and assisted the Medical and Health Sciences & Natural Sciences in Biology and Chemistry field. Also we have fantastic result in partnership involve in other Scientists' credentials to their projects and developments. Of course, these does not comes easy without their teamwork and exchange programs and we have also diverse much more bigger projects into our subsidiary company to X-Lab Biotech (S) Pte Ltd. This year we are engaged in more advance projects on testing units for immune system tagging to the anti-bodies on ingredients properties systems and cells against virus.  

Our Approach

We conduct business  honestly and with integrity, while always putting the customer first.

The future is now. It is an open secret in circles of science and technology, that the "next big thing" is around the corner, that a scientific quantum leap is about to take off: the era of nanotechnology has begun and in all parts of the world Governments and enterprises are feverishly researching and investing into the new trend on the block. Nobody wants to miss this development and opportunities that will dramatically change the world as we know it.

  • Product Solubilization
  • Flavor and Fragrance 
  • Cosmetic Formulations 
  • Oral Insulin Development
  • Drug Delivery Systems 
  • Food and Beverages Fortification Programs
  • Energy & Immune Formulations (100%RDA)
  • Sports Nutrition Formulations (100% RDA)
  • Beauty Nutrition Formulations (100% RDA)

About Us

X-Lab International Pte Ltd

X-Lab International has promoted in recent years aggressively into Bio-technology industries and we are the pioneers in innovative players with highly effective Solubillization Technics which transport into technology system into micelle formation. With these micelle formulations methods, it has become fully water soluble and benefits into the body system or skin surface fully absorption close to 98% to 100% bioavailability.

​​​Our Specialities

X-Lab International Pte Ltd is a full fledged Bio-Technology company which has implemented "The New Revolutionary" first breakthrough technology. This technology is a solution provider to food, health and pharmaceutical industry. Our lab inventions allows to make a non-soluble substance soluble, in a natural pure form. No chemical modifications and no prohibitive substances in the process of our technology. With our technology, we are able to make all products in high potency with fast delivery timing with 100% bio-availability into the body system.

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