X-Lab International Pte. Ltd.


Core Values


Focusing on life sciences, devoting to nutrition and health, serving the value chain and developing exceptional quality products. We are proud of who we are, what we do, and how we do it. We are many, working as one across functions, across companies, and across the world with passion, ethics and integrity.

Combine Nano-Technology and Bio-Technology together, using "Natural Product Solutions" arriving at myriad of applications in almost all

industry sectors into the "Global Future World Market".

  • Deliver Exceptional Results in Our Own Unique Ways
  • Foster a Safe & Environmentally with a Responsible Culture
  • Always Aim and Provide Top Services and Functions
  • Adhere the Best Innovation, Creation, Developing and Providing Exceptional Products
  • Adapt New Changes and Find the Out Most Best Solutions
  • Keep on Focusing Our Goals and Objectives on Life Sciences, Nutrition, Health & Wellness
  • Always Play a Role & Contribute Back, as a Part to the "Nature World"

X-lab international Pte. Ltd. Bio-Technology