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The future is now. It is an open secret in circles of science and technology, that the "next big thing" is around the corner, that a scientific quantum  leap is about to take off: the era of nanotechnology has begun and in all parts of the world Governments and enterprises are feverishly researching and investing into the new kid on the block. Nobody wants to miss this development and opportunities that will dramatically change the world as we know it.

X-Lab International has promoted in recent years decisively Bio-technology and is a pioneers in innovative and highly effective Solubillization Techniques, which work with particle sizes of 3 to 10 nanometers. With these formulations, for example hydrophobic substances become fully water soluble and that enhances their bio-availability drastically. Worldwide, only X-Lab International Pte. Ltd. masters this technique. Applications for our technology are the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries, agriculture, beverage and supplement Enterprises.

X-Lab also develops and sells their own range of health supplements that are significantly more effective when compared to competing products because of their much higher bio-availability. When word spread, sales skyrocketed accordingly. Multi-Vitamins, CoQ10, Ginseng, Bilberry, Curcumin and many other products are manufactured and sold by us and through a net of worldwide agents and distributors.

X-Lab's target though is to share its technology with others. The almost infinite variety of possible applications suggest to provide the market with our formulations and to develop products that are more effective, healthier and attractive. Or we invent completely new and innovative brands and substances with "YOU" - our partners. Together we will develop and realize what you until now not even dared to dream of.
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